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Formula North 2017 will be taking place at the Barrie Molson Centre from June 1-4, 2017. Every year, we have participants, volunteers and visitors who arrive from all over North America (and sometimes overseas) to be a part of this competition. Our team at Formula North, contacts various accommodations in the area to get the best possible rates for those who plan on staying in Barrie during the course of the event.

Accommodations Listing

Attached is a listing of all accommodations within and around the Barrie area. Please email Chloe at if you have any questions.

Host Teams Program

The Host teams program was created to aid and assist teams attending FN 2017 who are travelling from a far distance to either attend FN2017 or to attend another event post FN2017 (such as FSAE Lincoln). This program will pair each of these teams with a sponsoring/FN participating Host team (teams in Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, New York, Ohio). The Host team should be able to provide the bare minimum to the travelling team i.e. shop space and testing venue, for the designated period of stay. This may or may not include the duration of the Formula North event itself as this would be up to the discretion of the Host Team.

This program benefits both teams. Through such a collaboration, student teams get to learn from each other – about their vehicles, programs, recruitment, and fundraising capabilities. While one team will have the piece of mind of having a space to tune and test their vehicle, the other will have the opportunity to display their hospitality and their school’s facility.

For any questions, please contact our Hospitality Director, Chloe at