Registration Update

All teams that participated in the quiz will receive a ranking and invoice by tomorrow morning. We thank you for your participation and your patience with the technical difficulties we experienced this morning. See you all at Formula North 2018!

Formula North 2018 Pre-Registration form

Welcome to pre-registration for Formula North 2018 (May 31st 2018- June 3rd 2018). The pre-registration form for this year’s competition can now be filled here.

2012 Results

*Please contact us if there are any discrepancies, at 0_Overall  **Updated – June 3, 2012 (NCSU score updated) 1_Design 2_Cost 3_Marketing 4_Acceleration 5_Skidpad 6_Autocross **Updated – June 3, 2012 (NCSU score updated) 7_Endurance 8_FuelEconomy   Posted June 3, 2012 9:17pm