Final Scores of Formula North 2016

**This post is subject to updates**   COMBUSTION SCORES OVERALL Overall Static Design Cost  Presentation Overall Dynamic Skidpad Acceleration Autocross Endurance Fuel Efficiency   ELECTRIC SCORES OVERALL Overall Static Design Cost Presentation Overall Dynamic Skidpad Acceleration Autocross Endurance Energy Efficiency  

Endurance Order UPDATED

Teams, the Endurance Event order is now updated. Electric vehicles shall run right after lunch break, which takes place between 1 PM – 1:30 PM. FN2016 EnduranceRunOrder_V1

Unofficial static scores for FN2016

Below are the unofficial static event scores for Formula North 2016: Design Event Cost Event Marketing Event The above are combustion scores only. Electric scores will be released after Awards.

Track Maps for June 4 and 5

Please click the links below to download track maps for the Formula North 2016 event. Acceleration and Skidpad Autocross Endurance

2016 Visitor’s Program Booklet now available

Formula North Inc. will be hosting its fifth annual four-day formula student automotive engineering design competition at the Barrie Molson Centre from June 2 to June 5, 2016 in Barrie, Ontario. This year’s competition features combustion and electric vehicles. Thirty-two teams are set to arrive from all over Canada, USA and Czech Republic. In addition to the competition itself, also featured are the …

Schedule for Formula North 2016

The Overall Schedule and Ground Maps for Formula North 2016 is now available. Click the items below to download files. MAPS BMC Grounds Map Arena Map (All day – Visitors’ Copy) Arena Map – Day 1 – June 2 Arena Map – Day 2 – June 3 Arena Map – Day 3 – June 4 Arena Map – Day 4 – …

Projector / Screen Requirement at FN2016

At Formula North, all teams are required to bring their own projector and screen, should they require any for the Business Presentation Static Event. However, should your team be unable to bring your own out of circumstance, please send an email to with requirement for a screen and projector, before Friday May 20th. A maximum of 8 teams can …

Action Deadlines updated

The Team Member Information Submission deadlines are now updated on both the Combustion and Electric Action Deadline pages on the Formula North website. Please do read carefully to understand the details as there has been a change in requirement of certain submissions unlike past years. If you have any queries, please email Chloe Rangel at

IMechE CCB renews event sponsorship!

Formula North Inc. is pleased to announce that IMechE Central Canada Branch has renewed its sponsorship of the Formula North 2016 competition at the Silver Level for the third consecutive year. The IMechE CCB organizes and promotes events to bring people together and create opportunities for professional development and building business relationships. Their programs runs from September through to May with visits, lectures …

Formula North 2016 details released!

We are pleased to announce that Formula North 2016 will be taking place at the Barrie Molson Centre from June 2 to 5, 2016. This year, the event will be hosting Combustion and Electric categories. For more details visit, the Team Info page: Concerns or inquiries? Contact Event Chair, Yasha Chaugule at ychaugule(at)

Final Scores released for FN2015

**Updates: Broken links updated,  June 7, 2015 11:56 PM EST The final scores for Formula North 2015 (Combustion) are now released. For concerns, please contact   Overall Combustion Results Overall Static Results Overall Dynamic Results Skidpad Results Acceleration Results Autocross Results Endurance Results Fuel Efficiency Results  

Unofficial Accel, Skidpad, AutoX Results for FN2015 released

Updates: Acceleration Scores updated – June 6, 2015, 7:35 PM EST [gview file=””] [gview file=””] [gview file=””] [gview file=””]

FN2015 Track Map

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Unofficial Static Scores for FN2015

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Unofficial Marketing Presentation Results for FN2015

The unofficial marketing presentation scores are now out. Protest period is open until 9:30AM on Saturday, June 6. Unofficial design and cost event scores will be posted at 8:30AM on Saturday, June 6. Protest period is open until 9:30AM on Saturday, June 6.   Click here for: Unofficial Marketing – Combustion Results Unofficial Marketing – Electric Results   *edited at 8:37pm, …