Safety Systems Video, A New Optional Action For Electric Teams

Dear Electric Teams at FN2017,

Formula North wants to ensure you a safe competition season. We’ve created a new optional action deadline, due on April 10th 2017 at 11:59 PM EST which consists of a Youtube video. The link has to be sent in the online submission form.

It consists of a short (less than 10 minutes) video clip where are covered demonstrations of the function of a minimum of 5 safety systems. The demonstration of these systems can be done outside of the physical car, on a test bench. The shorter, the better. Video editing is welcome. Here’s a list of systems that can be demonstrated.

– Maintenance plugs (EV3.3.3)

– Arc flash prevention (EV3.3.4)

– Accumulator segments segregation (EV3.4.10)

– AMS voltage sense (EV3.6.2)

– AMS temperature sense (EV3.6.3)

– Pre-charge circuit (EV4.11.1)

– TSAL (EV4.12)

– IMD (EV5.5.4)

– BSPD (EV5.6)

– APPS plausibility check (EV2.3)

– Accumulator charger hand cart with a dead man’s switch (EV8.4.2) 

– Safety equipment listed in EV8.5

This action deadline is not worth any points. However, if you accomplish it on time, you will be able, by example, to use it as a proof of proper project management and safety consideration during your design presentation, and you’ll be eligible for a new Formula North exclusive “design for safety” award.

The online form will feature a check box that, if clicked, would allow us to share the Youtube video link. This would allows you to increase your outreach and your teams visibility (sponsors like it) and for us, it helps promoting the series, our competition and it could be used as an example to other teams. Proper safety does not give teams a competitive edge vs another, hence, please, do not hesitate and click that check box!

According to the teams’ feedback, Formula North will decide whether or not this deadline becomes mandatory in 2018.

If you have any question or comment in regard to this new action deadline or temperature logger, feel free to contact Hugues Marceau at