Real Case Scenario for Cost Event

The following is the Real Case scenario for participating teams at Formula North 2017:


Unforeseen economic and geopolitical events made the price of aluminum jump by 1000%. This directly affects the supply chain for your manufacturing departments, which means all the parts that are costed as made.

In this real case scenario, you have to highlight which one (1) of the following two major systems would be the most affected by this market upset: the Drivetrain or the Unsprung mass. Then, you have to present a design and manufacturing strategy that minimizes the effect of the cost spike of that highlighted system.

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FN2017 Participant Event Booklet released

The Participant Event Booklet for Formula North 2017 is now available. Please ensure you review this guide prior to arriving at the event. Here are a few important takeaways:

  1. Tentative schedule is included in this Participant Event Booklet.
  2. New member registrations will not be taken on-site. Please complete the Team Member Information submission procedures as highlighted on the Action Deadlines pages for Combustion and Electric categories, by May 18. This includes provision of details of all team members in attendance including provision of proof of health / travel insurance.
  3. Participants of teams in the Electric category are required to arrive at Early Registration on May 31 More >

TMI details for FN2017 now available

The Action Deadlines pages for Combustion and Electric categories have now been updated with details on the Team Member Information (TMI) Submission for Formula North 2017.

Please note that FN2017 shall not be accepting new registrations on-site. Additionally, it is important for all participants to have health insurance or travel insurance in order to have their registration accepted.

The deadline for submitting all participants information and insurance scans on your provided TMI Spreadsheet and Folder is Thursday, May 18. If your registered email addresses have not received access to your team’s TMI folder and spreadsheet, please contact us asap.

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Update on Program Submissions deadline

The Program Submissions deadline is now moved to Wednesday April 19th. The Action Deadlines for the same have been updated as well. If you are interested in having your team featured in the 2017 Formula North Program Booklet, please send the following to in a .zip file:

  1. Design Summary of 1200 characters or less.
  2. Team Photo – This should be a photo of your team with the car. Photo size requirements: jpeg format; maximum file size 2000 KB; minimum image size of 1000 pixels.
  3. Three CAD Drawings (similar to what you provide in design reports)
    • FRONT-SCHEMATIC. Photo size requirements: .927 inches wide More >

Oetiker takes up sponsorship role at FN2017

[Welcome message from Oetiker]

Oetiker welcomes you to the 2017 Formula North event. Vehicle manufacturers around the world are driving today’s and tomorrow’s technological landscape and Formula North is a great opportunity for students to showcase their experience and seek career opportunities in the engineering field.

Oetiker is a global provider of first class connecting solutions for vehicles and mobility is the central pillar of our business. With over 70 years of worldwide experience, we design, test and deliver high quality connections that are simpler, smarter and stronger than ever before. Oetiker is helping vehicle manufacturers and suppliers all over the globe More >

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