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Dear Formula North Supporter,

It was just a year ago when I arrived back in Canada after attending my last competition as a UofT Formula Racing Team member in Germany. I remember asking my colleague, ‘Why doesn’t Canada have a Formula Student competition? Canada has around 20 teams and the USA has close to 100 teams. Why is it that we travel to other parts of the world to compete and don’t have a competition at home?’ And his answer was, ‘Why don’t you start one?’. And so began our quest to bring the world’s most popular Formula Student series to Canada.

As a Formula SAE alumnus, I can definitely vouch for the importance of the program. In addition to the manufacturing and technical experience I gained, I learnt important skills such as teamwork and mentorship. The team prepared me for the unexpected, and now working the in the real world, I feel equipped for any circumstance. Working on the team definitely adds this other dimension to one’s school work. Imagine working on something all year with a group of people, and finally see it come to life! And imagine competing with this project on an international scale!

Formula North isn’t just a competition we strive to bring into Canada. With the inception of Formula North we hope to bring about awareness amongst students at every level on the importance of practical education and hands-on experience. Through this competition we hope to see more Formula student teams grow within post-secondary institutions around the country. Competing on home soil adds this extra element of pride.

The Formula North team continues to work towards delivering a world-class competition, and we can’t do this without your support. To those who have been with us and cheered us since Day 1, thank you for your continued support. To those who have just learnt about us, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, ‘Follow’ us on Twitter, ‘Subscribe’ to our YouTube channel, Sponsor or Donate, or better yet, Volunteer!

Thank you and see you next year at Formula North 2012!


Cathy D’Souza
Event Chair
Formula North 2012