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2012 Registration Now Open

Go to our Competition page for details. Pre-registration links are also available on this page.

News from Registration Day

The Formula North team is excited with the number of team registrations we received yesterday afternoon. Within the first 20 minutes, 23 teams registered of the 2012 event. By the end of the day, a total of 25 teams were enlisted. As registration ends on December 4th, we are looking forward to more teams registering to fill up the 30 team proposed limit. Check out our Registered Teams page for the list of registered teams.

With the onset of registration day, we have also released forms for those interested in participating in the Host Teams program. If you are a local team More >

Save Canada’s Aviation and Space Heritage

On Tuesday September 20 2011 the Canadian Air & Space Museum was handed a notice of eviction by its landlords, the Crown Corporation Parc Downsview Park. The locks were immediately changed and the Museum was essentially closed with no notice. The building, which has been recognized as a Federal Heritage Building since May 14th 1992, is planned to be demolished and replaced with a four pad arena.

The Canadian Air & Space Museum is a non-profit organization that has been proud to host and showcase Canada’s rich aviation history. It is not government funded and credits its creation and upkeep to More >

Formula North Promo Video

Presenting Formula North’s new promo video created and edited by Melody Wang, a UofT Mechanical Engineering graduate of Class 1T0.

Check out Melody’s amazing work:

Formula North Logo

Formula North New Logo Unveiled!

Formula North is pleased to announce the unveiling of its new logo designed by Will Ko and initiative led by Shivani Sharma, from the Henderson Bas Kohn ad agency in Toronto, Ontario.

Formula North celebrates Canada's 144th Birthday!

Happy Canada Day!