FN Academy Event a Success!

On November 22, 2014 the first ever seminar series within the Formula North Academy was held at Ryerson University in Toronto. Over 60 students from Formula Student teams across Ontario and Quebec participated in the day-long event.

The focus of the FN Academy centered on teams talking about their experiences by communicating and sharing their knowledge whilst getting to know each other at the same time. Attendees had the opportunity to hear about how and what they could do to improve their overall performance in competition. One of the main topics of focus was a discussion with regards to prioritizing and sticking to goals More >

Formula North 2015

Dates for Formula North 2015 have now been released. Please visit the Team Info page for more information on registration instructions!

Teams: We would like your feedback on FN2014

FN2014 has released its feedback form for the student teams that participated at the Formula North 2014 competition. The topics of discussion mentioned on the form are merely guidelines. Please fill in as much as possible with regards to each related topic. However, do keep in mind that we prefer constructive criticism in order to install improvements in FN2015. We are all volunteers at FN and are doing our very best to deliver a well-executed event year-after-year.

Please note that we have collected Marketing and Design Judging Feedback, and will be sending the compiled version to your Team Captain by June 13, 2014. More >

Thank you!

The FN2014 Staff would like to thank its Sponsors, Donors, Volunteers and Supporters for their generosity and time in pulling off a successful competition! This would have not been possible with you. We would also like to thank the participating teams for choosing to compete at Formula North 2014. We hope that you had a great experience!

For those interested, here are a couple of links related to the FN2014 event. Please note that our Post-Event Report will be released at the end of June.

1. Program Booklet 2014

2. Pictures Day 1

3. Pictures Day 2

4. Pictures Day 3

5. Pictures Day 4

6. Teams Pictures

More >

FN2014 Final Results

Below are the final scores of the Formula North 2014 competition. Thanks to all the teams that competed!

Overall Results

Overall Static Results

Overall Dynamic Results

Design Event Results **Updated in Ranking Order May 30 C.D.

Cost Event Results

Marketing Event Results

Skidpad Results

Acceleration Results

Autocross Results

Endurance Results

Fuel Efficiency Results


Champions Overall 1st Place: Université Laval

Runner Up Overall 2nd Place: San Jose State University

2nd Runner Up Overall 3rd Place: University of Toledo

Design Winner: École de Technologie Supérieure

Cost Winner: University of Toronto

Marketing Winner: University of Toronto

Skidpad Winner: École de Technologie Supérieure

Acceleration Winner: Université Laval

Autocross Winner: University of Toledo

Endurance Winner: Université Laval

Fuel Efficiency Winner: Carleton University


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