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Protest Time-slots for Static Events

For teams who want to protest Static Event results at Formula North 2017, please see the following timeslots and locations for Saturday, June 3 at the Barrie Molson Center:

  • Design Event – Trevor Vaughan – 12 PM to 1 PM – Media Room
  • Cost Event – Justin Fontolliet – 9 AM to 10 AM – Locker Room 2
  • Business Event – Anna Bechtel – 9 AM to 10 AM – Media Room

For concerns, please report to Event Control.

FN2017 Static Events Schedule

The following is the tentative schedule for the Static Events which shall be taking place at Formula North 2017. Participants may bring their concerns with their time-slots to Event Control.

Static events are not open to visitors, unless permitted by event organizers.

Download: FN2017 Static Scheduling (Version 1, June 1/17, 1:15 PM)

Tech order for Combustion and Electric teams

Please see the Technical Scrutineering order for Combustion and Electric Teams participating at Formula North 2017.

Combustion Teams Electric Teams 01 S&T Racing 03 MRacing 07 UConn Formula SAE 08 Formula ETS 11 Formule Polytechnique 14 FSAE UQAC 18 Saluki Formula Racing 19 RIT Racing 21 Lancer Motorsports 24 Warrior Racing 25 UMD Racing 26 Ravens Racing 29 Dal Motorsports 31 V8 Racing Facens 17 Formula uOttawa 22 Formula Buckeyes 30 Rutgers Formula Racing 09 UW Formula Motorsports 02 Western Formula Racing 12 Cornell Racing 16 Cyclone Racing 06 McGill Racing Team 04 Panther Racing 15 UIC Motorsports 20 Grizzlies Racing 23 University More >

Visitor Information and Program Booklet

The Formula North 2017 event is open to visitors of all ages and entry is free. All visitors are required to sign a liability waiver and procure a wristband upon registration. On June 1 and June 2, registration will take place at the East Entrance of the Barrie Molson Center. On June 3 and June 4, registration will take place near the Dynamic Gate entry. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Visitors are only allowed on ground during visitor hours. You may download the Program Booklet for more information on the schedule.


Safety Systems Video, A New Optional Action For Electric Teams

Dear Electric Teams at FN2017,

Formula North wants to ensure you a safe competition season. We’ve created a new optional action deadline, due on April 10th 2017 at 11:59 PM EST which consists of a Youtube video. The link has to be sent in the online submission form.

It consists of a short (less than 10 minutes) video clip where are covered demonstrations of the function of a minimum of 5 safety systems. The demonstration of these systems can be done outside of the physical car, on a test bench. The shorter, the better. Video editing is welcome. Here’s a list of systems that can be demonstrated.

– Maintenance plugs (EV3.3.3)

– Arc flash prevention (EV3.3.4)

– Accumulator segments segregation (EV3.4.10)

– AMS More >

Hotel rate at Residences & Conference Centre

Dear Teams attending FN2017, Residence and Conference Centre- Barrie a.k.a Georgian College residences are offering the same rate as last year for Formula North teams of $65+HST. No breakfast will be included this year onwards.

If you have any questions about booking pllease contact them directly and they would be glad to assist you. Email:

Note: Do not go through third party websites to make reservations at the Residences & Conference Centre- Barrie. You may not get the same rate.

Registration List for Formula North 2017 now available

Click here to view the list of registered teams for Formula North 2017.

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